Look What Readers Are Saying About Utopea

What a fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed this short novel. The characters of Utopea were fun and surprising. A thoroughly enjoyable read. The time period setting was clear, the characters likeable, and the twists amazing. Highly recommend this read for anyone. ~ S.A.

Mercere draws you in to the characters, as much or more, just as she does the story. Each person is separate and complete, making each unique and individualistic. And though she has a large cast you never get lost or confused by having too many at once. Wynn’s research is wonderful, spot on, and not too much. She delves into things I didn’t know about (such as older printing presses) and gave me enough information to feel the character knew what it was doing without me being overwhelmed or bored with details. She does this again and again throughout the book, and again made it comfortable and easy for me as a reader to learn something new without pulling me out of the tale. ~ T.S.

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